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The high-end look of marble or tile, without the cost or installation and maintenance hassle.

Acrylic is as beautiful as marble, tile, or stone, but lighter, easier to move around and install, more durable, and requires less maintenance. A range of styles and colors, all backed by our lifetime warranty. High value and peace of mind.

Calcutta Marble Shower
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Many styles and colors to choose from.

From marble to stone and even realistic tile patterns with silver or grout lines, we have the color and style to transform your shower or tub into a space that is easy to clean. See the gallery of some of the options available.

Color and Style Options

Color and Style Options

Stone & Marble Options

Nine Classic Stone colors to choose from for your bath or shower walls. 

Venatino Marble

Venatino Marble

White Smooth




Calcutta Stone

Calcutta Stone



Tuscan Marble

Tuscan Marble

Carrera Marble

Carrera Marble





Illusions Series

Six Illusions™ Series Pattern available for your bath or shower walls.

3x6 Subway Tile

3x6 Subway

12x24 Vertical Tile

12x24 Vertical

12x6 Large Subway Tile

6x12 Subway

Hexagon Tile


Herringbone Tile


Trendz Linear Tile

Trendz (Linear)

Tile Patterns

Venatino, Calcutta, and Carrera currently are only available in smooth. All other stone colors are available in the following tile patterns.

12x12 Tile


11x20 Tile


Subway Tile



Some accessories of many types that are available. Accessories can be matched to any wall system.

Stainless Niche
Shower Seat


Shower Seat

Deco Trim

Deco Trim

Illusions Grout Colors

Illusions™ Series Patterns available in White with either Silver or Black Grout

Silver Grout

White/Silver Grout

Black Grout

White/Black Grout

Corner Shelf

Corner Shelf

Corner Caddy

Corner Caddy

Tower Caddy

Tower Caddy

Image by Hemant Kanojiya


The Technology

Acrylic is a transparent, strong polymer that makes an excellent replacement for glass or tile because it is lighter, stronger, and more versatile in post-processing applications. To make the kitchen and bath walls, the acrylic is extruded through a series of rollers that can texture and gauge until it forms into a sheet.

This layer can be combined with a colored core as well as printed or laminated layer to create different marbled looks. The top layer of acrylic can be machined to expose and innner core and create a realistic grout lines, which is available in different colors.

bathroom remodeling midlothian va
Tile Shower

Design Versatility

While tile and marble have typically offered more design options, the development of new acrylic colours, extrusion processes and CNC machining mean that acrylic solutions are now the leading edge when it comes to unique and modern styles.

Variety of tile patterns & materials

Customizable for larger orders

Matching, modular systems & accessories

Cost and Installation

Tile is messy and takes a lot of time, effort and a lot more skill than installing an acrylic wall. Acrylic surrounds are generally less expensive than tile or marble walls when you factor in the use of mortar, grout, and special tools. Generally one technician can install an acrylic bathwall system in 2-3 hours

Installs faster than tile

One person job

Lower costs - fewer tools and materials

Shower Wall Installation
Clean Tub

Cleaning & Maintenance

Unlike tile that tends to breed mold and mildew in the grout lines and the uneven surfaces of the tile, acrylic is much easier to clean and only requires a mild soap or cleaner to do the trick.

Inhibits the growth of mold and mildew

No grout to make cleaning difficult

No need for harsh chemicals or cleaners

Reliable Waterproofing

Because acrylic is installed as panels on your wall, it almost eliminates the possibility of your tub or shower leaking over time. It’s one of the best materials to install to prevent water damage in your home.

Acrylic is non-porous, there's no risk of water damage when installed correctly

Tile Shower

Durability and Lifespan

Tile walls can crack or chip, and need to be maintained professional grade sealing and proper care. Acrylic wall surrounds are highly durable which makes them resistant to scratches or chipping.

Last longer than tile

No chipping or cracking

Lifetime guarantee

Modern Kitchen


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